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Good Science: Better Outcomes with Bone Marrow vs. Peripheral Blood

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 Author’s Conclusion:

“Recipients of unrelated donor Bone Marrow (BM) had better psychological well-being, less burdensome chronic GVHD symptoms, and were more likely to return to work than recipients of peripheral blood (PB) at 5 years after transplantation. Bone marrow should be the standard of care for these types of transplant procedures”

Student’s Conclusion (Jordan Carrillo)

The study and its related article support fact-based and well-researched data that objectively shows bone marrow stem cell transplants have better outcomes in a 5- year study than those receiving stem cell from peripheral blood. The group that was getting BM had a much lower risk of developing a graft vs. host disease with 71% of the BM group showing no signs of disease whereas 49% of the PB group did not show any signs of disease. This is a 22% difference in the incidence of a GVHD. Not only is there a lower incidence of post-surgery aide effects but those who received a BM transplant were able to return to full-time work faster than those who got a PB (52%vs. 40%). This study shows why BM is clinically advantageous over PB but there are some limitations and reasons as to why PB may be used more in an average setting. The main reason being that PB transplants are much less complicated and easier to receive than a BM transplant. This difference in treatment may be dependent on a number of factors ranging from doctor and patient preference to hospital logistics, but in time many facilities will change their standards and eventually BM transplants will become the clinical standard for these patients.



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