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Good science: “HF Patients Steady as Rock with Short-Term High-Dose Caffeine”


Author’s Conclusion

The Author of the article express that long-term safety of moderate and high dose consumption of caffeine including in popular energy drinks and in patients at high risk for arryhytmias, remain unknown. For the time being, it seems reasonable to reassure our patients that modest caffeine consumption appears to be safe, including for most patients with heart failure.

Student’s Conclusion (Nebiat Mekonnen)

The article, and the study that the article highlights, discusses and assesses the effect of high doses of caffeine in patients with HF. As an intuitive notion that caffeine intake should be limited in patients with heart failure because of the intrinsic factors. Although the study sought to shed light on how taking high doses of caffeine does not appear to increase coronary artery events. The median plasma caffeine concentration was 9480 microgram over liters in the caffeine group. Based on the data presented It was found that coffee intake is fine unless patients have bothersome symptoms and arrhythmias.